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Nitin Gautam, Director, Greenwood Physio

Nitin Gautam, Principal Physiotherapist

Nitin graduated from Curtin University in 2006 and has since worked intensively in various physiotherapy settings. He is the director of Greenwood Physio. Prior to becoming a physiotherapist, Nitin was a qualified computer engineer.

Before setting up Greenwood Physio, Nitin gained experience working with various organisations (Morley Medical Centre, Mount Hospital and Sport Med Murdoch). Currently, Nitin also works as a consultant Physiotherapist providing complete physiotherapy solutions to various age care facilities across Perth.

Nitin has completed post graduate training in Clinical Acupuncture, Kinesio Taping and Real Time Ultrasound. He supervises first and second year physiotherapy students at the University of Notre Dame.

His areas of interest include musculoskeletal, occupational and sport injuries, post operative rehabilitation and return to work program.

He is a member of Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA), Gerontology association and lifetime Golden Key member.

Email: nitin.gautam@greenwoodphysio.com.au

Niyati Gautam, Physiotherapist, Greenwood Physio Perth

Niyati Gautam, Physiotherapist

Niyati graduated from Curtin University in 2010 with a degree in physiotherapy. She then went on to complete her post graduate training in Lymphoedema management.

Since then she has worked for Mount Hospital and Attadale Hospital in various physiotherapy areas including ICU, oncology, rehabilitation, orthopaedics, training of pelvic floor muscles using Real-time Ultrasound and ante/post natal related women’s health issues.

Her main areas of interest are in women’s health, Lymphoedema management and musculoskeletal injuries.

She is an Australian Physiotherapy Association and Australian Lymphology Association member.

Email: niyati.gautam@greenwoodphysio.com.au

Samantha Lim, Physiotherapist, Greenwood Physio Perth

Samantha Lim, Physiotherapist

Samantha graduated from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy. Samantha joined Greenwood Physio in mid 2014 where she runs hydrotherapy and Pilates classes in addition to providing outpatient physiotherapy services. She is currently involved with providing therapeutic pain management services to various aged care facilities across Perth. She is also the physiotherapist for the Wanneroo Rugby premier team, coordinating their injury prevention and management throughout the season.

Samantha has a keen interest in sports/musculoskeletal injuries, having played competitive volleyball and athletics for a number of years. Her other main interests include Pilates and hydrotherapy based rehabilitation.”

Email: samantha.lim@greenwoodphysio.com.au

Elaine McDonagh, Pilates Specialist, Greenwood Physio Perth

Elaine McDonagh, Physiotherapist

Elaine graduated from Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) in 2011 with an Honors degree in Bachelor of Science, Physiotherapy. She received intensive training and experience in a wide variety of areas of physiotherapy including musculoskeletal, orthopedics, cardiopulmonary and neurological disorders.

She left Ireland to travel around South East Asia and Australia. Once she finished her traveling she started her Australian physiotherapy career, working in Geraldton Regional Hospital as a member of the Transitional Care Program in the aged care sector.

Since graduating Elaine has completed Post Graduate training in Acupuncture and Clinical Pilates. Her main areas of interests include rehabilitation with clinical Pilates, musculoskeletal/sport injuries and post operative rehabilitation.

Elaine is now managing our Physio team that works within a verity of aged care facilities but comes to the clinic to run her weekly Pilates classes at greenwood physio.

Email: elaine.mcdonagh@greenwoodphysio.com.au

Michael Price, Physiotherapist, Greenwood Physio Perth

Michael Price, Physiotherapist

Michael graduated from Curtin University in 2012. He has been working in private practice since January 2013 and joined Greenwood Physio in October 2013. Michael has completed post graduate training in Clinical Acupuncture.

Michael is extremely passionate about sports having played basketball, football, soccer, rugby, volleyball, netball, athletics and swimming. He has been involved with B and A grade Australian Rules football teams for the past 5 years as a Sport Trainer accredited from Sports Medicine Australia.

With such a heavy involvement in sports he has a very keen interest in sports injuries and rehabilitation as well as general musculoskeletal pain and gym and hydrotherapy based rehabilitation.


Christopher, Physiotherapist, Greenwood Physio Perth

Christopher Chan, Physiotherapist

Chris graduated from Curtin University in 2006 and has worked in a wide variety of places and disciplines. These range from Rural WA hospitals in the Wheatbelt and Pilbara, Intermediate Care and Hospitals in the United Kingdom, community neurology and aged care and home visiting in the UK and in Melbourne, and 3 years in a Private Practice clinic in Murdoch including running a clinic independently for 2 years. Recently Chris has also works in a major hospital (Joondalup Health Campus) for 3 years.

While in the acute hospital setting, Chris has extensive expertise in all areas of Physiotherapy and has taken a particular interest in Emergency Department Physiotherapy and Vestibular Physiotherapy. He has gained a wide range of experience Vestibular Rehabilitation – treating emergency and outpatient Vestibular patients, attending courses and webinars, undertaking further research in this field. He has confidence in assessments and treatments of patients with Vestibular disorders ranging from BPPV (Benign Positional Paroxymal Vertigo) to symptomatic and habituary management of Vestibular Neuronitis/Labyrinthitis and Meniere’s disease.

Suzanna, Physiotherapist, Greenwood Physio Perth

Suzanna Huin, Physiotherapist

Suzanna graduated from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy. Prior to joining Greenwood Physio in 2015, she was working in Singapore in the acute care and rehabilitation setting where she received training in the intensive care unit, cardiopulmonary physiotherapy, orthopaedic and neuro rehabilitation. She is currently providing Pilates classes, outpatient physiotherapy services and providing therapeutic pain management services to various aged care facilities across Perth. She is also the sports trainer for a local Australian football league and soccer club, managing musculoskeletal injuries throughout the season. Suzanna’s interest in Physiotherapy stems from her involvement in sports mainly netball, hockey and rugby union.

Email: suzanna.huin@greenwoodphysio.com.au

Luxem Lee, Physiotherapist, Greenwood Physio Perth

Luxem Lee, Physiotherapist

Luxem graduated Curtin University with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy. Luxem has experience working in the acute setting in the hospital, neurological wards and multiple clinics/outpatient areas through his training. He has experience in first aid and injury prevention with netball and Australian Rules football teams.

Formerly a swim coach, he has a keen interest in sports/musculoskeletal injuries with emphasis on gym, swimming, soccer and martial arts. Luxem also instructs Pilates classes and is working with Wanneroo Rugby Premier Team as their Physiotherapist.

He is a current Australian Physiotherapy Association member.

Email: luxem.lee@greenwoodphysio.com.au

Lachlan Shakeshaft, Physiotherapist, Greenwood Physio Perth

Lachlan Shakeshaft, Physiotherapist

Lachlan graduated from Curtin University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy. He already has diverse practical experience under his belt, with his recent experiences in post-surgical and geriatric rehabilitation complementing his work as a Sports Trainer for Wanneroo Rugby Union Football Club, which he has done for a number of years.

His main areas of interest are within both the sporting and geriatric population, and he is currently working to provide complex pain management strategies to our clients in the aged care sector.

He is a current Australian Physiotherapy Association member.

Email: lachlan.shakeshaft@greenwoodphysio.com.au

Tanja Cokorac, Massage Therapist, Greenwood Physio

Tanja Cokorac, Massage Therapist

Tanja has completed Certificate IV in Massage therapy practice and currently doing Diploma of Remedial Massage at the Central Institute of Technology in Perth.

Before moving to Perth in 2015, Tanja has also completed a Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy in Croatia. She has worked in various sport clubs (soccer, tennis, volleyball and athletics) in Croatia and developed special interest in musculoskeletal injuries and neurological disorders.

In her spare time she plays volleyball and high jumps in athletics.

She works at Greenwood physio on Friday 1pm to 7pm and Saturday 8am to 12pm.

Email: tanja.cokorac@greenwoodphysio.com.au

Susan Morrison, Occupational Therapist, Greenwood Physio

Susan Morrison, Occupational Therapist

Susan graduated from Edith Cowan University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science (Occupational Therapy). She has had experience in aged-care, paediatrics, vocational rehabilitation and hospital (alternating between home visiting and ward).

Recently Susan has worked in a private paediatric clinic conducting initial assessments, treatment consultations and both informal/formal reviews on children with or at risk of fine-motor, gross motor, sensory processing, self-care, emotional regulation, cognitive and visual perceptual difficulties.

With her passion also within the aged-care setting, Susan has worked as a Senior Occupational Therapist for the Royal Australian Airforce Association and is currently working across aged-care facilities in order to help people live an enriched and meaningful life. She is continuing her education in this field by studying a Bachelor of Dementia through the University of Tasmania.

Email: contactus@greenwoodphysio.com.au

Receptionist Staff, Greenwood Physio Perth

Receptionist Staff

Our reception team consist of Jovana and Kelly, both of which are friendly, capable and approachable. They take their positions with the utmost of professionalism.

Email: contactus@greenwoodphysio.com.au