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At Greenwood Physio, we excel in providing treatment for sport injuries, musculoskeletal conditions, chronic pain, post operative rehabilitation and Lymphoedema management. You can expect to get a comprehensive and personalised treatment from our proficient physiotherapists. Whether it is a ankle sprain from ‘big night out’ or ‘big game of footy’ or back ache from a hard day of work or headache from sitting in front of the computer, we can help you!

Physiotherapy intervention may vary from hands on physiotherapy (i.e. soft or deep tissue mobilisation, acupuncture, joint mobilisation and manipulation, and corrective or supportive taping) to comprehensive exercise program comprising of stretching and strengthening exercises. Electro therapeutical modalities like TENS, Interferential Therapy, Real-Time Ultrasound, Ultrasound and Laser may also be used to facilitate healing.