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Motor Vehicle Injury/ Workers Compensation

Greenwood Physio provides a variety of treatments such as hand on physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, exercise prescription and gym based exercise rehabilitation for clients who have suffered an injury in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) or at work.

On your initial visit our experienced physiotherapist will collect information regarding your incident, nature of your injury, other relevant medical history or other medical interventions you may have had prior to attending physiotherapy. This will assist our therapist to formulate an optimal treatment plan for your injury.

Things to bring prior to attending Physiotherapy:

  • Lodgment of your claim and obtaining claim number for us to invoice
  • Current referral from your GP (doctor) for physiotherapy
  • If the client attends our clinic without a referral they will be billed as a full fee paying patient
  • The Practice will confirm with ICWA/Insurance Company if your claim has been accepted. However, it can take up-to 6-8 weeks for ICWA/Insurance Company to accept liability
  • The ICWA/Insurance Company will reimburse any Physiotherapy invoices to you once the claim has been accepted
  • If your claim is not accepted, it is your sole responsibility to pay all expenses incurred for your treatment

Once you have the above information please contact us to book an appointment.

For more information regarding your claim please contact:

ICWA on (08) 9264 3333 or freecall 1800 643 338 (Outside Perth) alternatively visit http://www.icwa.wa.gov.au/mvpi/mvpi_index.shtml

For Workers compensation system please contact Work Cover WA on http://www.workcover.wa.gov.au/Default.htm