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Acupuncture, or dry needling, is a technique used by our physiotherapists to stimulate trigger points in the muscle to help reduce pain or/and muscular tightness.

It assists with both acute and chronic myofascial injuries. It promotes healing by reducing muscular tightness, increasing blood flow and therefore, increasing oxygen and nutrition in the injured area. It also facilitates in the release of the opioids (receptors such as endorphins) through the nerve pathways.

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Taping

The Kinesio Taping is the method of strapping which is now used by most sport clinicians worldwide. Kinesio Taping is becoming one of the essential tools in standard practice whilst treating muscular dysfunction and in the management of Lymphoedema and chronic swelling.

Kinesio tape is a non-allergenic tape which has proven to provide extended soft tissue manipulation, prolonging the benefits of manual therapy achieved in the clinic. Kinesio taping promotes fluid flow through the affected area, increase muscle contractions, and reduce pain, hence restoring function.

Our Physiotherapists are trained to use the above techniques in conjunction with other physiotherapy treatments or in isolation.