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Sports Injuries

What are Sports Injuries?

Sports Injuries are just not limited to athletes but can happen to any individual who is participating in competitions, fitness activities, training sessions and/or any sports.  These injuries are more common in teenagers due to their improper training, lack of appropriate footwear or safety equipment, and rapid growth during puberty.

What are the common Sports injuries?

There are two general types of sports injuries.

1. Acute traumatic Injury– A single blow can lead to the injury like getting a punch in the eye during practicing boxing. This includes:

  • Fractures: Crack, break, or shattering of bone
  • Bruising
  • Strains:  Stretch or tear of muscle or tendon
  • Sprains:  Stretch or tear of a ligament
  • Abrasions: Scrape
  • Lacerations: Cut that is deep enough to require stitches.

2. Chronic Injury– An injury occurring due to repetitive movements over a prolonged period of time, like in running, overhand throwing or serving a ball in tennis. It includes:

  • Stress Fractures: These are seen as the tiny cracks in the bone’s surface caused by repetitive overloading like, feet of the netball/ basketball player who is constantly jumping in the court.
  • Tendinopathy refers to the disease of a tendon. More specifically, it can refer to: Tendinitis or Tendinosis
  • Epiphysitis: Growth plate overloads injuries, such as Osgood-Schlatter disease.

Often we tend to disregard chronic injuries, like ignoring the pain in wrist or hand, or the soreness in our knees. It does not mean that the pain will go by it itself, if not treated. It can actually transform into a more serious injury over time. If you are experiencing any such kind of pain, book an appointment with us today and let our physiotherapists help you find relief.