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Welcome to Greenwood Physio!

We are located next to Coolibah Medical Centre, Greenwood. Our practice has been accredited by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA). The team consists of Physiotherapists and Massage Therapist, registered and members of APA, ALA and AAMT. At Greenwood Physio, we take pride in providing quality care, support and highly specialised treatment to every individual with a conscience of trust in a very pleasant and compassionate environment.

We believe that a detailed and thorough assessment is necessary to come to a final diagnosis. Correct diagnosis made, is the first step towards building a treatment plan. Based on the findings in the assessment process, our highly skilled therapists will design and formulate a treatment plan according to your needs.

We offer services in the areas of physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, rehabilitation, pre/ post operative care, acupuncture and kinesio taping, workers compensation/ motor vehicle injury, DVA/EPC, Lymphoedema management, women’s health, aged care/ home visits and therapeutic massage.

Our services cover an array of medical conditions, specialising in: Sport injuries, Arthritis, Headaches, Muscle imbalance or weakness, Poor posture and movement, Neck, Shoulder and Low back pain, Pelvic floor & bladder weakness and Lymphoedema.

We accept all private health funds via our HICAP facility available at our practice.

Our Associations

APA            AAMT            ALA            HICAPS


At Greenwood Physio, we excel in providing treatment for sport injuries, musculoskeletal conditions, chronic pain, post operative rehabilitation and lymphoedema management. You can expect to get a comprehensive and personalised treatment from our proficient physiotherapists…Read More


Hydrotherapy is a pool based exercise therapy for both young and the old in a fun way, be it for fitness or just wellbeing. Hydrotherapy exercises are conducted in 32-34 degree warm water which provides therapeutic effect to the joints, muscles and nerves. Hydrotherapy has shown proven results in providing benefits to patients…Read More


After an injury or a trauma, restoration of function is very essential. Here at Greenwood Physio we aspire to provide the best rehabilitation for you.
Our experienced rehabilitative physiotherapist will assist you in your pathway to recovery.Read More

Accupuncture and Kinesio Taping

Acupuncture, or dry needling, is a technique used by our physiotherapists to stimulate trigger points in the muscle to help reduce pain or/and muscular tightness.It assists with both acute and chronic myofascial injuries. It promotes healing …
Read More

Therapeutic Massage

This is the manipulation of soft tissues (muscles, tendons and ligaments) to relieve tension, stress and allow them to realign their position.
Remedial massage focuses on specific areas of musculoskeletal problems caused by stress or injury. …Read More

Motor Vehicle Injury/Workers Compensation

Greenwood Physio provides variety of treatments such as hand on physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, exercises prescription and gym based exercise rehabilitation for client who have suffered injury in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) or at work.
On your initial visit our experienced physiotherapist will collect information …Read More


At Greenwood Physio, we are proud to offer our services to Veterans and patients diagnosed with chronic illnesses.
All our veterans require is a Gold Card along with a referral from your GP to attend the clinic. There is no limit to number of physiotherapy/ hydrotherapy sessions …Read More

Women’s Health

Age-related changes, particularly following childbirth and menopause along with chronic cough are the most common cause of pelvic floor dysfunction.
At Greenwood Physio, our Physiotherapist will assess the cause for your incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction with Real Time Ultrasound. …Read More

Aged Care/Home Visiting Services

At Greenwood Physio we cater our services for seniors and residents across the community. Our experienced physiotherapists provide excellent service with care, compassion & commitment. Multi-disciplinary team approach is used by the therapist (liaise with RN, EN, doctor and caring staff) to achieve optimal outcome. …Read More


Pilates is a form of exercise that was designed to enhance core stability, improve range of movement, correct faulty movement patterns and posture. Most Pilates exercises are in a slow, controlled movement pattern which helps to reduce the risk of injuries, pain and also incorporates strengthening and flexibility for muscles …Read More

Sports Trainer

Greenwood Physio is proud to announce that we have begun providing a sports training service to local community sporting clubs. We are currently helping out Wanneroo Rugby club….Read More